Game Center is Open!


Lucky Beast Updated At 2023-09-06 04:02:34

Dear Kingdom Visitors,


Ezo Red Fox has established a Game Center in Kingdom, and it has also brought us a brand-new game mode [Perils of The Unknown]. Visitors, let's come and play arcade games together! - Visitors can access the Game Center from Adventure after finishing stage 0-2! Visitors need to help Friends defeat numerous Ceruleans and gain experience for leveling up. After leveling up, Visitors can choose different skills to enhance their combat and survival abilities. The goal of the game is to survive from the onslaught of Ceruleans. Ezo Red Fox will reward Visitors who successfully clear levels with materials and Stargems as a bonus!


Lucky Beast would like to share a few small tips and tricks.

The game has two key points: Growth and Survival!

1. Defeat Ceruleans to collect experience pearls and increase Friends' level!

2. Upgrade skills through Level Up. Different skills have their own effects. The higher the skill level, the stronger the effects.

3. Special Lucky Machine can evolve one Lv 5 skill, and significantly boost your ability to survive

4. The number of selectable skills is limited, so Visitors should carefully consider the combination of skills!

5. Visitors need to manually move the Friends to avoid enemies' attacks while the Friends use skills automatically.

(Little tips: Breaking the stones on the battlefield may yield valuable items!)

Let's help our Friends escape the pursuit of the Ceruleans!